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Special Offer from our great friends at the Irish Cultural Centre for a great gig this
Saturday 15th July 2022.

The Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith have the exceptional Pauline Scanlon coming to London on 16th
July launching her new album "The Unquiet."
She'll be joined by her husband Eamon Murray of Beoga for the gig as well as her brilliant band.
All IMDL subscribers can unlock £5 community tickets with the code SUMMER.
The link to the gig is below.
More details about Pauline…
‘Her voice is a superb mix of china cup fragility and steely strength” (The Irish Times, 2010.)

It’s 2022, more than a decade later, and this contradiction is still true of Pauline Scanlon’s voice. In fact,
the pairing of opposites seems a true fit for this West Kerry native. Her voice comes from an ancient place
but is always fresh. She is uniquely Irish yet universally understood, apparently traditional yet subversive
at every turn. Perhaps now, it is the steely strength that comes to the fore in both her activism and her
determination to constantly evolve as an artist.

The Pauline Scanlon Band features:
Nicola Joyce – Backing vocals – from Galway trio, The Whileaways
Eamon Murray – Bodhrán – from Irish folk band Beoga
Ted Spencer Kelly – Guitar
Joshua Robert Kelly – Keyboards

Sat 16 July 2022
Doors 7.30pm, Starts 8.00pm

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