13 Feb 12


Debut Solo album by Karen Ryan now available on Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Karen Ryan - The Coast Road


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From Camden to Tulla

From Camden to Tulla album cover

Tulla accordionist Andrew Mac Namara first met and played music with Karen at the Feakle Festival in 1991. Over the 25 years since then, they’ve played together on and off in Feakle, Galway and London.

During the last few years, Andrew and Karen have been joined by Karen’s husband, Liverpool pianist Pete Quinn, and the trio have played some high-powered sessions as part of the Feakle Festival at Pepper’s Bar each August. There seems to be a spontaneity and spark to the music when the three get together, which many have commented on. 

This prompted their decision to record an album in Andrew’s house over two days in February 2017. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Purcell, From Camden to Tulla was launched at the Willie Clancy Summer School in July 2017.





"This is exquisite duet playing, music with pedigree, with respect, a celebration of what has gone before. It will linger in the ear long after the last note has played." Noel Hill 

"The music has great rhythm, is pure, vibrant, deeply traditional and you won’t be able to stop that foot tapping along." Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha 

"Masterly renditions of some grand old tunes...powerful and intoxicating." Alex Monaghan, Irish Music Magazine

"A beautiful and energetic album with wonderful bounce. Two thumbs way up." Daniel Neely, The Irish Echo


Watch a clip of Andrew, Karen and Pete performing on Fleadh TV:


From Camden to Tulla can be purchased as a digital download or CD via Bandcamp:


Other Recordings

Mick Mulvey Reels:

REELS: The Coachman's Whip, The Tailor's Thimble, The Red Haired Lass - Mick Mulvey (flute), Karen Ryan (fiddle), Pete Quinn (piano)
from: Within A Mile O' Jamestown - Mick Mulvey, 2003 http://sites.google.com/site/mickmulveymusic/home


Brendan McGlinchey:

HORNPIPE AND REELS: Plains of Boyle, The Boys of the Lough and The Jolly Tinker - Brendan McGlinchey and Karen Ryan (fiddles), Kevin Boyle (piano) and Paul Brennan (bodhran)
from: Bon Cabbage - The Movies Ceili Band, 1999 http://www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/~zierke/folk/records/themoviesceiliband.html


Johnny Seoighe

AIR and SONG: Johnny Seoighe from: By Night & By Day – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2010


Besom in Bloom Jig/ Paddy Taylor’s Reel

JIGS AND REELS: Bohola/ Besom in Bloom/ Paddy Taylor’s Reel/ Piper on Horseback from: Track Across the Deep – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2003 http://www.londonlasses.net/wordpress/?page_id=14


Green Grow the Rushes slow reel

SLOW REELS: Green Grow the Rushes/ Kevin Coyne’s - Enchanted Lady – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2006 http://www.londonlasses.net/wordpress/?page_id=14)


The Girl who broke my Heart Reel:

REELS: The Girl who Broke my Heart, My Love is in America, Humours of Ballyconnell: The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2000 http://www.londonlasses.net/wordpress/?page_id=14 )


Jim Donoghue’s/ Josie McDermott’s (Meitheal Cheoil and Reg Hall – Making Tracks):

REELS: Jim Donoghue’s/ Josie McDermott’s – Making Tracks (produced by Kathy Walton): Meitheal Cheoil students and Reg Hall, 2003


WALTZES: Saturday/ Mrs Kenny’s: Taking Note (produced by Kathy Walton): Meitheal Cheoil students with Karen Ryan and Pete Quinn)