13 Feb 12


Debut Solo album by Karen Ryan now available on Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Karen Ryan - The Coast Road


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From Camden to Tulla

From Camden to Tulla

- Andrew Mac Namara, Karen Ryan and Pete Quinn




From Camden to Tulla by From Camden to Tulla


Other Recordings

Mick Mulvey Reels:

REELS: The Coachman's Whip, The Tailor's Thimble, The Red Haired Lass - Mick Mulvey (flute), Karen Ryan (fiddle), Pete Quinn (piano)
from: Within A Mile O' Jamestown - Mick Mulvey, 2003 http://sites.google.com/site/mickmulveymusic/home


Brendan McGlinchey:

HORNPIPE AND REELS: Plains of Boyle, The Boys of the Lough and The Jolly Tinker - Brendan McGlinchey and Karen Ryan (fiddles), Kevin Boyle (piano) and Paul Brennan (bodhran)
from: Bon Cabbage - The Movies Ceili Band, 1999 http://www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/~zierke/folk/records/themoviesceiliband.html


Johnny Seoighe

AIR and SONG: Johnny Seoighe from: By Night & By Day – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2010


Besom in Bloom Jig/ Paddy Taylor’s Reel

JIGS AND REELS: Bohola/ Besom in Bloom/ Paddy Taylor’s Reel/ Piper on Horseback from: Track Across the Deep – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2003 http://www.londonlasses.net/wordpress/?page_id=14


Green Grow the Rushes slow reel

SLOW REELS: Green Grow the Rushes/ Kevin Coyne’s - Enchanted Lady – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2006 http://www.londonlasses.net/wordpress/?page_id=14)


The Girl who broke my Heart Reel:

REELS: The Girl who Broke my Heart, My Love is in America, Humours of Ballyconnell: The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2000 http://www.londonlasses.net/wordpress/?page_id=14 )


Jim Donoghue’s/ Josie McDermott’s (Meitheal Cheoil and Reg Hall – Making Tracks):

REELS: Jim Donoghue’s/ Josie McDermott’s – Making Tracks (produced by Kathy Walton): Meitheal Cheoil students and Reg Hall, 2003


WALTZES: Saturday/ Mrs Kenny’s: Taking Note (produced by Kathy Walton): Meitheal Cheoil students with Karen Ryan and Pete Quinn)